Paid Day Loans is here to help you get out of money trouble. We can help you get access to a cash loan, even if you have less than perfect credit.

Getting money from Paid Day Loans.

Here is how it works at Paid Day Loans:

  • Fill out one simple quote form.
  • Submit your form to a group of online lenders.
  • Wait for your answer.
  • If approved, one lender will make you an offer.
  • Review the loan offer.
  • Make your decision.
  • If you say yes, get your money as soon as tomorrow.

That is it, it really is just that simple.

More About Paid Day Loans

At Paid Day Loans, we are not direct lenders. What we do is give you access to a group of lenders, many of which are used to working with bad credit. We ourselves do not make credit decisions, do not have access to loan information and do not broker loans.

What Type Of Loan Can I Get?

That depends on many different factors such as your credit and how much money that you intend to borrow. Believe it or not, even with bad credit, there are a lot of possible loan options.

Keeping in mind that we ourselves are not lenders, here are some loan types that you might be offered from a lender.

Payday Loans

This is the classic bad credit loan. Although not available in every state, it is very easy to qualify for. If you have a source of income and a checking account, you are well on your way to being qualified.

Here is how a payday loan works.

A lender will give you a loan and charge you a set fee per hundred dollars loaned. An example of a fee might be 25 dollars per hundred dollars borrowed. So, it you borrow 300 dollars, you would need to pay back 375 dollars.

On a predetermined day, usually your next payday, the lender will withdraw the money loaned and fees from your account.

The payday loan can be a valuable one because it is so easy to qualify for and it allows you to get your money very quickly. A lender can often get you the money that you are requesting as soon as the next business day.

Do keep in mind though that effective interest on a payday loan can be quite high. Because of the high fees and short loan term, the APR on one of these loans is generally well over 400 percent.

Personal Loans

Also called an installment loan, this type of loan has a number of advantages.

With a personal loan, you can borrow money and then pay it back over a longer period of time. It allows you to borrow more money and it allows you to break up the repayment of that money over a much longer period of time.

The biggest advantage of the payday loan is that the payment can be made lower because you do not have to pay it all back at once. In addition, you may be able to borrow more money than you might have been able to get with a payday loan.

Interest on a personal loan is generally also lower than that of a payday loan. Keep in mind however, you will be paying this interest for a much longer period of time and there still may be fees. Over the course of a loan, these fees and/or interest can add up to quite a bit of money.

Title Loan

If you have a vehicle with a free and clear title, a Title Loan may be something that is offered to you.

This type of loan is about as easy to qualify for as a payday loan because it is a secured loan. This means that if you default on this type of loan, a lender can take your vehicle.

The potential loss of a vehicle is obviously the biggest concern with a Title Loan but there are some other drawbacks. Despite being a secured loan, interest and/or fees can still be high. Also, you are limited in loan amount by the value of your vehicle.