A loan can be a great way to get the money that you need but it is not the only way. If you find that you are unable to qualify for a loan or would simply like to avoid all of the fees and/or interest that comes with them, take a look at some options. You might have more ways to get money than you think.

Other ways to get money.

Other Sources Of Emergency Money

Here are 8 simple ways to get money that do not involve a loan.

1) Sell An Old Phone

Did you know that the old phone in your drawer is worth money and that you can get cold hard cash for it today. In fact, it might be worth more than you think. A high end smart phone, even if it is a generation old, could easily fetch 200 dollars or more.

If you need cash, take that old phone to an ecoATm. This is a kiosk that can get you a cash offer today. You simply insert the phone and get an offer. If you like it, you get your cash immediately. If you do not like your offer, simply take your phone back and walk away. It could not be any easier.

2) Donate Your Plasma

You may have heard of this one before because it is a very popular way to get extra money. Depending on your size, you can get up to $50 per donation. The bigger you are, the more you can donate.

In addition, donating plasma is different than whole blood in that you can donate up to twice a week. This means that you can make up to $100 in a week or $400 in a month.

Many people are put off of donating because of the whole “needle thing” but that should not concern you. If you really are bothered, just look away and read a book or play on your phone while you donate. The time will pass quicker than you think.

3) Count Some Coins

It might sound cheesy, but you probably have more change than you know. Think about it, if you use cash on a daily basis, you probably end up with around 50 cents in your pocket every day. Multiply that by 30 days and you have about 15 dollars in change. Multiply that by several months and you are talking about some pretty good money.

Of course, nobody really wants to count that change though. Instead, take it to a local Coinstar and have it counted for a small fee. Most grocery stores have one. Also, check your bank because many will have their own counters that you can use, free of charge.

4) Have A Garage Sale

A garage sale is an easy way to get 300 dollars or even get 500 dollars on a weekend. You have to do a lot of prep work, but then all that it involves is sitting in your driveway on a lawn chair for a few hours Saturday and Sunday morning.

The key to a successful garage sale is planning.

First and foremost, you need to check with your city and HOA to make sure garage sales are permitted and to find out if you need a permit. Best to stay legal and avoid a fine.

Next, you need to work on signage. This is the most important thing. You need to take people all the way from the entrance of your neighborhood to your garage door. Make sure that there is a highly visible sign at every turn along the way.

Finally, you need to get your merchandise organized. By cheap stickers and put a price on everything. Then pull out or borrow as many tables as you can to get things displayed. Place large ticket items at the back so tht people have to walk through your small items to see them.

5) Borrow From A Buddy

Okay, yes this is a loan but it is a free one, so does it really count? If you need just a few hundred dollars, borrowing from a friend makes real sense. You would have no loan fees, could get the money quick and would not have to worry about getting an approval

If you do decide to pursue this option, just be sure to be serious about the loan. Pay it back as soon as you have the money without delay. People are sensitive about money and you could lose a friend if they think they are being taken advantage of.

The best idea with a loan between friends is to still try to get everything in writing. This will prevent any disputes in case you remember the loan differently than your friend.

6) Earn The Money

If you have a little time to wait, earning the money night just be an option. Even with high unemployment, there are income opportunities if you are willing to work. Here are a few of your options.

Rover is a website that puts dog lovers in touch with people who need pets cared for. Walking a dog can earn you an easy 10 to 15 dollars a trip, which is money that can really add up. Rover is a great way to earn money now and continue making it int he future.

Uber and Lyft are another option if you have have a 4 door vehicle in good condition. The best part about this work is that you can do it when and where you like. Work an hour or work all day, the choice is up to you.

Retail and warehouse is also something that you should consider. Places like Walmart, Amazon and grocery stores are almost always looking for help Since these places are open nearly 24 hours a day, in most cases, you should be able to find a shift that works for you.

7) Do Paid Surveys

I am not going to blow a bunch of smoke and tell you that you can get 400 dollars in a day taking surveys. That being said, they still might be worth doing if you just need a few bucks.

If you can not leave the house or just have a lot of down time near a phone, surveys can make this time profitable. It might just be a few dollars an hour but it is better than making nothing.

When looking for a survey site to work with, choose one that is not going to charge you and that allows you to earn in other ways. Swagbucks is one website that fits this bill in that it allows you to also earn bu watching videos and by signing up for trial offers.

8) Buy Local & Sell Nationally

There is no doubt that things sell for less money at places like Craigslist than they do at auction websites like eBay. You can take advantage of this fact to earn the money that you need by hustling.

Search the Craigslist ads for those little discount gems. Then snatch them up and place them up for a 7 or 10 day auction on eBay. It wold not be unheard of for you to be able to double your money this way. The key is to have knowledge in a market. If you know designere purses, just look for them. If you know video games, stay in that realm.

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