Scrap metal to be sold for profit.

A loan can be a great way to get money in a hurry, but it is not the answer for everyone. If you just need a little extra money and you have tome to hustle for it, you may have other solutions. Take a look at a few ways that you can get the extra money that you need without resorting to a costly loan.

1. Sell Something You Don’t Need

Perhaps the easiest way to get money without a loan is to simply sell something that you do not need. Most of us have items in our home that they seldom if ever use. Cash in on them and handle your money solutions.

Can’t think of anything? Think harder. Take a clothes basket and walk around your home. Look in closets and drawers and pull out anything of value that you have not used in 6 months or more. You might be surprised at what you come up with.

Once you have your items, you can go about selling them. Where you sell it will dictate which selling tool that you use.

Larger items are best sold at places like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. You would not want to mess with shipping something like furniture or an appliance, so you want to sell it local. Use caution with these websites because there will be scammers. Accept only cash and meet in a well lit busy area.

Electronics like iPads and video games will fetch the best prices on auction websites like eBay. You will have to ship them but you will get much more money than you would selling these things locally.

Old cellular phones can be sold locally if you have an ecoATm around. Do a search for them, they are essentially ATM machines that let you turn in your phone and get cash right away. If you do not have one near you, Gazelle can get you money for your phone, you simply have to mail it to them. Once they inspect it, they send you money.

2. Donate Life Saving Plasma

If you are okay with getting poked, donating plasma can be a great option and it can get you 200 dollars or more each month.

Plasma is used in a number of medical treatments for health problems ranging from liver issues to clotting problems. Companies need your plasma in order to save lives and they are willing to pay you for it.

The good thing about plasma is that they return your red blood cells to you during the donation process. This means that you do not leave as light headed as you would when donating whole blood. It also means that you can donate up to twice a week.

Depending on your size, you can earn up to 50 dollars a donation. That means that you can earn an extr 200 to 400 dollars a month and help people in the process. Look for a donation center near you simply by doing a search for “plasma donation your city”. Several options should pop up.

3. Get Paid To Speak Up

Surveys are another way to make a few extra bucks each month albeit not a lot. Still, it is something worth pursuing because you can do surveys whenever you have a little free time. This could be when you are watching television, riding the bus or just any time where you tend to be staring at your phone.

Expect to make between 50 to 100 dollars a month taking surveys at places like Swagbucks. They will pay you a set amount of points for every survey that you take and then you can trade in the points for gift cards.

No, gift cards are not cash but you can get them at a variety of places. Choose ones at stores that you frequently shop and use them instead of your cash. That puts more money in your pocket at the end of the day, so it works out to be the same thing.

4. Stock Some Shelves

Some retailers are insanely busy, even with the current economic environment. Grocery stores and places like Walmart are operating 24 hours a day in order to meet the demand for their products. They need you to help them and they are paying more money now than ever.

Because of the 24 hour a day nature of these places, they have shifts that can fit any schedule. Anyone can fit in a shift or two a week and add an extra 500 dollars or more to their monthly income. That could be enough to help you get through your money emergency without resorting a loan.

If you do not want to stock shelves, there are many other positions that you can look into. Fill orders, work a register or perhaps make food deliveries in your vehicle. There are still quite a few job options out there if you are willing to look.

5. Do Some Metal Recycling

You can earn as much as 30 cents a pound by recycling metal. That is 30 dollars for 100 pounds of scrap metal. Not a bad payday.

Obviously, 100 pounds in aluminum cans is a lot to come up with so you need to think beyond the can. There are large pieces of scrap metal being thrown away daily. People put it on the curb for the trash man and it is yours for the taking.

Obviously, you need to ask if the metal is truly being thrown away, but most people do not mind of you take the scrap and recycle it. Just be sure to leave the stack of trash as orderly as you found it.

Besides the curb, there are many other place that you can find scrap metal. You will often find it dumped on the side of the road or in a field. You can also find it in the ‘free” section of Craigslist. People know it has value but they do not want to mess with recycling it, they just want it gone. You can profit from that.

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