If you need cash right now, we can help. The very easiest way is to get a free quote for the money that you need. Take a minute and get your free offer. Even if you have bad credit, we may be able to help you get a loan. How much do you need?

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Fast Money Options To Consider

If you need money right now, you are probably in some kind of a financial bind which means, time is of the essence. In that case, let’s get right to it and look at some options that can get you money in a hurry.

Online Loans

This is the easiest way to get money, even if you have bad credit. Fill out one simple quote form and get an offer for the money that you need. If approved, you can rest easy knowing that money is on the way and it can be in your account as soon as the next business day.

Depending on your qualifications and how much you need, you might be offered one of several loan types. Take a look.

  • Payday Loans
    If you only need 300 dollars or so, a payday loan might be an option for you. With this type of loan, you borrow money and pay it back with fees on your next payday.
  • Installment Loan
    If you need more money or time to pay the loan back, an installment loan might help. With this type of loan, you borrow money and pay it back, with interest and/or feesĀ  over time. The payments are broken down into more manageable smaller installments.
  • Title Loan
    A title loan uses your paid off vehicle as collateral for a loan. The loan is similar to an installment loan except for the fact that your vehicle will be used as collateral. If you default on a Title Loan, a lender can seize your vehicle.

Those are the main types of loans that a lender may offer you. We ourselves are not lenders however and do not make credit decisions. We simply get you access to a large group of online lenders and one of them may be able to make you an offer.

Selling The Plasma From Your Blood

If you only need 50 bucks or so, selling plasma can get it to you. You can get up to $50 per donation and you can donate up to twice a week. So, if you have time to wait, you can get up to $400 in a single month from donating your plasma.

The donation process is simple and will take about an hour. If you are not good with a needle, just look away and occupy yourself with your phone or a good book.

During the process your blood is withdrawn and the red blood cells are returned to you. Because you get your red blood cells back, you do not have as much of that tired feeling that you get after donating whole blood. This is also what allows you to donate twice a month.

If you would like to donate plasma for money, just do a search for “plasma donation” in your city. Make sure that you choose a for profit blood center. Donating to the Red Cross is a good thing, but they will not pay you.

Liquidate Old Electronics

If you have some electronics laying around like smart phones or tablets, you can sell them off to get the money that you need. If you have some items that you are not using, you are not doing yourself any favors by hanging on to them because they are just losing value every day.

Phones can be sold locally if you have an ecoATM nearby. All that you have to do is take down your old phone to one of the kiosks and put it in the machine. The machine will test the phone and then make you an offer. If you like it, you can get cash that day. That could be a couple of hundred bucks if you have a newer smart phone.

Don’t have an ecoATM, no problem, you can use Gazelle to sell your phone. You will have to mail the phone in but they pay for shipping and they are fairly quick with the turnaround.

If you have an old iPad or similar to device, you can also use Gazelle to sell it but you would probably be better off using eBay for this. You are far more likely to get top dollar with an auction website for tablets and computers if you can afford the time to do an auction.

Sell Yourself

If you have some skills, why not capitalize on them to make a little extra money.

One way to do this is using a website like Craigslist or Thumbtack. Clean houses, carpet, cut lawns, etc. There are a lot of service type jobs that you can do without needing to invest in specialty equipment.

You should also be sure to check out the Miscellaneous section of Craigslist while you are there. Lot’s of companies and individuals place ads for day jobs. It could be doing some yard work or it could be holding a sign at an intersection. In any case, you will get paid in cash at the end of the day.

Have A Garage Sale

Is there anything more classic than a garage sale. It has been used by Americans for generations when they need cash right now and when they need to get rid of clutter. When you find yourself desperate for money, a garage sale is hard to beat. If you want to have a successful and profitable garage sale though, there are some things that you need to do.

First and foremost, you need to check with your city and see if a permit is required. You would hate for your profits to have to go towards paying a ticket. While you are at it, if you live in an HOA neighborhood, make sure that garage sales are permitted.

Next, you need to get organized. Get your inventory and find a good way to display it. Ask friends if they have tables that yo can borrow and get your items labeled. Cheap stickers make pricing your items easy. Also, be sure to plan out your layout. High demand items should be placed at the back so that people have to walk through the rest of your displays to get to them. This can lead to more sales.

Finally, be sure to use adequate signage. This is where most garage sales fail. Place signs at the entrance to your neighborhood and then at every turn along the way. You need to guide people right to your garage door.

Ask A Friend

Last but not least, why not ask a buddy or a relative for help. This is a risky thing to do but a free loan is hard to beat.

I say tricky, but it can be done. What you need to do is take the loan seriously. Just because it is from a friend does not mean that you should not treat it just the same as a bank loan.

What this means is that you should make payments to your friend on time. Do not think that you can wait to pay back the loan because you have no loan contract. Pay the money back just as soon as you can.

Also, be sure to get all of the loan details in writing. Our memories are not perfect and your friend might forget just how much you borrowed. Write down just how much you borrowed and get receipts for money you paid back. The easiest way to do this is to do it all electronically with a service like Zelle.

Zelle is great because it is fast. If you need cash right now, it can be in your bank in seconds. It also serves as a record of how much you borrowed from a friend and how much you paid back to them.

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