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Loans For 3000 Dollars

When it comes to loans for getting the 3000 dollars that you need, you may have more choices than you think, even with bad credit. Take a look at some possible options.

Payday Loan

This is the classic bad credit loan but if you need $3000 or more, it is probably not going to be the loan for you.

A payday loan is meant to be paid back on your next payday, thus the name. The average payday loan is for around 300 dollars because this is an amount that most people can pay back, plus fees, on their next payday. A loan for 3000 dollars, on the other hand would be very hard for the average person to pay back in just a few weeks.

For this reason, even if you could get a payday loan for 3000 dollars, it would be a bad idea to take one.

Installment Loan

Next on the list, even with bad credit, is an installment loan. Like the name implies, it is a loan that is paid back in installments. This would make repaying the $3000 a lot easier.

Do keep in mind though that an installment loan with bad credit will have fees and interest attached to it. Since the loan will be for a longer time, the costs will continue to accrue for a longer time.

Title Loan

Last of all, you have the Title Loan. This is a loan that is similar to an installment loan but that will be secured by your vehicles title.

If you desperately need money but can not get approved for an unsecured loan, this can be an option. This loan does come with a big risk though, you could lose your vehicle. If you default on the loan, the lender has the right to take your vehicle and sell it at auction to get their money back.

Hustling For Your $3000

Want to get by without all of those loan fees? Hustling for your money might be an option. Can you get the full 3000 dollars that you need? Maybe, but even if you can not, the more you come up with, the less that you have to borrow.

There are more ways than you think to get money in a hurry. Here are some hustles to consider.

Selling Something

You probably do not have an extra 3000 bucks in property, but hustling is about nickle and diming your way to the money that you need. Even a few hundred dollars will help get you on the way.

The easiest way to get money by selling property is to have a garage sale. A few signs and a few hours sitting in your driveway on a Saturday morning could yield some pretty good dividends. Just make sure that you check with your HOA if you have one.

Another option is to sell it with an online classified. My “go to” these days is Facebook Marketplace because there are less scammers than you will find on Craigslist. Just be competitive with your price and be safe when you sell it. This means cash only in a public place.

Donating Your Plasma

This surely will not get you all of the money that you need, but it can get you 300 to 400 dollars a month for as long as you want to earn it.

With plasma, you can donate twice a week and earn as much as 50 dollars per donation. That can get you 400 dollars a month. Use that money towards your $3000 goal or you could even use it to make a loan payment.

Borrow From A Buddy

Once again, probably not the full amount that you need, but every dollar that you do not have to borrow from a lender counts.

The trick with borrowing from a friend is to pay it back just as soon as possible. Treat it just like a lender loan, except without the interest, and you will avoid hurting any feelings.

Cutting Expenses

You might be surprised at what you can do just by cutting expenses.

If you have an auto loan, for example, you can probably call them up and ask to defer a payment. That alone can net you several hundred dollars that you can use towards your goal of $3000.

Beyond that, call any creditor you have and ask to skip a payment or make a reduced payment.You might be surprised at how many will work with you in an effort to keep you current on your bills.

Also, take a look at your food budget and slash it to the bone. You have to eat, but if eating rice and potatoes for a few weeks can help you borrow less money, you should make the sacrifice.

Deciding On A Loan

If after a little hustling, you decide that you still want to take out a loan, you need to thing about one more thing. Can you afford to borrow $3000.

If you have bad credit, the terms of the loan are likely to be fairly harsh. This might make for a payment that is not manageable. Before you commit to that loan, fit the payment into your budget and see how things look. If there is not enough money to go around, you have three main choices.

  1. Free Up Some Money
    Cut other expenses like cable or a gym memberships to free up money.
  2. Add Income
    Pick up a part time job to help you come up with the monthly payment. Think businesses like retail who are always hiring.
  3. Refuse The Loan
    Even if you need the money, if you can not afford the loan, you are setting yourself up for disaster.

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