Need 400 Dollars Fast

If you are in need of some quick money, we may be able to help you, even with bad credit. Get a loan offer for 400 dollars or more in just a matter of minutes. Get started now by entering in your information in the secure form below.

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This Is How You Get $400 Now

In an emergency, 400 dollars can seem just like a million dollars but you almost always have options. Take a look at some ways to get the money that you need as soon as today.

Cash Loans

If you have bad credit, a loan is often an expensive alternative. That being said, it is also a sure fired way to get the money that you need and to get it fast. If your credit is less than perfect, here are some possible options.

Installment & Payday Loans

We can help you get an offer for one of these loans and the type that you qualify for will depend on how much that you intend to borrow and your credit qualifications. Just head up to the top of this page and get yourself a quote, in only takes a few minutes.

If you qualify, an installment loan can allow you to pay the money back over several payments. This can let you break up the repayment which should cause less burden on your budget.

A payday loan is not as convenient because you would have to pay back all of the money and lona fees at once. Still, it can get you the money quickly, even if you have bad credit.

Title Loans

Not a very user friendly loan, but an installment loan can get you hundreds of dollars on a clean and free title. It can easily get you 400 dollars or more, even if you have less than perfect credit.

With a title loan, you do need to use some caution because you are placing your vehicle up as collateral. That means that if you do not pay the loan back, they can seize your vechicle.

The only real good things about a title loan are that they are easy to qualify for and that you can usually get money the same day. So, if you need 400 dollars today it is an option to consider.

Make A Sale

There are lots of things that you can probably sell and get 400 dollars. It really depends on how much time you have to get the money. If you have s few days or even a few weeks, you are in good shape. Here are some possibilities.

Sell That Plasma Of Yours

This is not only a good way to get money, but is also repeatable. You can sell your plasma up to twice a a week and at up to 50 dollars a pop, it can allow you to get the 400 dollars that you need in about a month.

No, this is not the fastest way to get money, but if you can wait, it will allow you to avoid all of those bad credit lending fees. You will also be doing a good thing because plasma is used to help a lot of people in this country.

Sell Old Electronics

Perhaps you have some electronics that are still good but just no good to you. Whey not sell them and get the money that you need. It might take a few items to come up to the $400 that you need but you probably have enough to sell.

Sell that old flat screen television for 200 dollars, an old Bluray player for 20 bucks or your last model iPad for 150 bucks. There are a lot of ways to nickle and dime your way up to the money that you need. You just need to hustle and take advantage of some great sites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.

Dispose Of Last Years Cell Phone

You know that cell phone that you are letting waste away in your drawer? It is worth money, but not for long. If you need 400 dollars, it probably will not get you the entire way, but it should get you some of the distance.

Check out Gazelle and sell your cell phone online. They will give you a price for your phone and then pay for you to ship it to them. They will then examine the phone and send it to you. This might take a few days, but it sure beats a loan.

Have A Garage Sale

Nothing beats a garage sale when you are trying to come up with a few bucks last minute, in this case 400 bucks.

Make sure that you plan your garage sale well, because an unplanned one is doomed for success. Plan on making a lot of cheap signage to put around the nieghborhood and make sure that your city does not require a permit.

On the day of the sale, start early and end early. Garage sale people are early risers, no need to stick it out the entire day. With a little luck, you can get all of the money that you need.

Free Loans

You might actually have some free loan choices available to you. Some may be obvious, while others might not he. Here are a few options.

Free Work Loan

If you are gainfully employed, you know that when you get paid, it is for work that you did over a week ago. This means that you probably have some unpaid wages. Many employers will let you tke an advance from them.

It never hurts to ask, so if you are in need, ask your boss if you can take a 400 dollar advance on your next paycheck. Smart employers will do this to keep their employees happy. It is of no risk to them, just a bit of extra paperwork.

Friendly Loans

An option that many people save for last is to borrow from a friend or family member.

The benefit to this is obvious, you get a loan without interest or fees. The downside is also obvious, you risk ruining a friendship.

If you go this route, make sure that you pay back the money as soon as possible and get EVERYTHING in writing.