Need 500 Dollars Now

If you need $500 fast, we may be able to help you out. Even if you have bad credit, we may be able to help you get an offer for the money that you need. Find out in just a few minutes.

Money for someone who needs 500 dollars.

Get The Money You Need Now

If you need 500 dollars now, you probably have more options than you think. Do not let your desperation get the better of you. Instead, take a few minutes and learn about all of your options. Here are some choices that many people turn to in times of need.

Online Loans

The easiest way to get some peace of mind and know that money is on the way is with an online loan. Simply fill out an online application and get an answer fast. We can even help you with that. Just fill out the quote from at the top of the page and request a quote for your $500, it is incredibly simple.

Depending on your credit and qualifications, you might be offered one of a number of different loan types. Here are the most common.

Payday Loans

Not always the best option, but one that is easy to qualify for. If these loans are available in your state, you may be offered one of these loan types, but be wary. Like all bad credit loans, they are costly.

With a payday loan, your lender will charge you a set fee per hundred dollars borrowed. Fees will vary, but a common example might be 20 dollars per hundred dollars borrowed. That means that if you have to borrow $500, you will need $600 to pay the loan off.

Personal Loans

A personal loan or installment loan might be available to you, even if you have bad credit. With this type of loan, you will still have to pay back the principal plus fees and/or interest, but you will have more time to do so. Loans will be broken up into installments that may be easier for you to handle.

While the extra time can be beneficial when paying off your loan, keep one thing in mind. The longer the loan, the longer you will be paying interest and it can add up fast.

Local Loans

If you like doing things in person, you have a few options but if you have bad credit, getting 500 dollars can still prove costly. Here are the two most common local bad credit loans that can often get you money the same day.

Title Loans

Although technically available online, finishing up the loan usually involves an in person visit, so we will consider this a local loan.

This is a rather easy loan to qualify for because it is secured. You place your free and clear title up as collateral on the loan. If you default, the lender can come and get your vehicle and sell it to get their money back. Don’t default!

Being a secured loan, you might think that the interest and fees would be low, but this is unfortunately not the case. Interest and fees can add up to rival that of the payday loan, so if you use this loan to get 500 dollars or more, be careful.

Pawn Loans

Another local loan that can get you $500 is a pawn loan. Like the title loan, this one is also secured. You bring an item of value into the pawn sh0p and they give you money. Pay back the money plus fees and interest and you get your item back, it is as simple as that.

The biggest drawback to a pawn loan, besides the cost is the low dollar amounts of the loan. The shop will only give you a small portion of your items value towards a loan, so, if you are trying to come up with 500 bucks, you need to have quite an expensive item.

Other Money Sources

So, what if you are opposed to a loan and want to get the $500 that you need from another source. You have many options at your disposal, but, because of the size of the dollar amount you need, you may need to go to multiple sources. A little hustling never hurt anyone though, so here are some places that you can look.

Loose Change

Don’t laugh, last time I scooped up all of the loose change in my home i cam up with nearly a hundred dollars. No, it is not all of the money that you need but it could get you a good bit of the distance.

Don’t bother with rolling your coins, take your coins to a coin counter like Coinstar. Many local banks also have counting machines in the lobby.

Old Cell Phones

Your old cell phone, you know the one collecting dust in your drawer, could be worth over a hundred dollars. Sure, it is nice having a back up phone, but you probably will never need one and that phone is not getting any more valuable.

Take your phone and contact Gazelle. They can make you a cash offer and will even pay to have your phone shipped to them.

Garage Sales

A garage sale can do wonders for bringing in a little extra cash. Id you have enough big ticket items, you could even get the entire 500 dollars you need.

The trick to a successful garage sale is signage. You have got to get people to your garage door. Place signs at every entrance to your neighborhood and directions along the way at every turn.

Also, be sure to check with your HOA and city to see if permits are required.

An Advance From Work

Many employers, especially smaller ones, will give you an advance on your next paycheck. It is of no risk to them because you will have already earned the money. All it involves is a bit of paperwork which a good employer will be willing to do. It pays to keep your employees happy and healthy.

Be careful with advances from work. You do not want to go to this well too often and annoy your employer.

Friend & Family

If all else fails, turn to your friends and family for a 500 dollar loan. Just pay it back as fast as you can.