Slash Your Cell Phone Expenses

An expensive cell phone being used.

A cell phone bill is something that you can easily let get away from you. It starts out manageable but then the cell phone service provider gradually increases rates, Then you add on seemingly small services and the next thing you know, boom you have a 200 dollar plus phone bill.

It can happen to anyone, but you can take control and slash your cell phone expenses. Here is how.

Your Phone Is Still Good, Keep It

It used to be that cell phone companies gave you huge discounts to get new phones. You extend your contract and they give you a practically free brand new phone. Everyone was happy with this arrangement, but things have changed.

Cell phone companies have gotten tighter and phones have gotten pricier. Now, when you want a new phone, you have to pay most of the money.

Cell phone providers have become trickier, allowing you to finance these new phones for no interest. Sounds great, but this can still add up to 30 dollars a month to your bill, per phone.

Keep your bill low by sticking with your old phone. Think about what you are getting with that new phone. Maybe a camera that has a little more resolution and a faster processor. Can you really tell the difference in photo quality though and are you tapping your fingers because your phone can’t keep up with your Scrabble app? Probably not.

Keep the old phone and save big money every month. Phones are better these days and can easily go 3 years or more before you start noticing any performance issues.

Pay At The Beginning Of The Month

You know those pre-paid phone services? They have come a long way and are no longer sub par. The only real difference is that you pay at the beginning of the month instead of the end.

A single person can get an unlimited plan with cricket for $50 a month with auto bill pay. That includes taxes and fees. Quite a savings over the three major carriers and the service uses the same lines.

Even better is the fact that you do not have to sign a contract with these services. That means that if you are unhappy, just move to another carrier without the fear of having to pay penalties.

Start A Family (Plan)

If you live with many people on different plans, consolidate them into a family plan and save.

Discounts increase dramatically as you add users, even on pre-paid services. One person might cost 50 dollars a month, while a family of four can get service for 100 dollars. That brings the cost down to just 25 dollars a line.

The only real hassle with a family plan is putting one person in charge of billing. They get to collect from everyone which can be a pain, but it is worth it to cut your bill in half.

Cut Down On Services

The phone companies like to kill you with the add ons. Getting all of the bells and whistles can take a lot of money out of your pocket each month.

Before committing to a service, ask yourself if it really adds value. Will you really use that hotspot? Do you need unlimited data or would a couple of gigs get you by?

Even insurance is something that you might not want. They would not sell it if they did not make money on it.

Stop Buying Apps

Apps cost as little as 99 cents but they can add up big over the course of a month if you let them get away from you.

Make it a point to stop purchasing apps. For every paid app, there are going to be several free ones that do the exact same thing. You might have to put up with a little advertising but it will save you money.

Even the free ones can come with costs though. Be wary of in app purchase, especially with games. Lots of games like to trick you by making it easy to win and advance. The further that you get in the game though, the harder it will be to advance without purchasing something.