Ways To Make Extra Money

A woman looking for work

We could all use a little extra money, especially if you are considering a cash loan. Before you take out that loan, why not consider some of your money making options. Here are some ways that you can start making a little extra side income.

  1. Selling Metal To Recyclers
    You probably know that aluminum cans are worth some money but that is just the tip of the iceberg. You can also make money by selling steel, copper and so much more. Find this scrap metal on the side of the street or advertised for free in your local Craigslist. Pick it up and take it to a recycler and earn as much as 25 to 35 cents a pound.
  2. Finding Free Stuff
    Speaking of Craigslist, there is another way to make some money from this site, selling free stuff. Check out the free section and you might be surprised at what is listed. Some people just want things gone and do not want to be bothered. That can allow you to profit by picking the stuff up and then selling it for a profit. Relist it or pick up a bunch of stuff and have a garage sale.
  3. Shipping Off Your Cell Phones
    Gazelle would be happy to take that phone off of your hands and they will even pay for the shipping. Head over to their website and get a free offer. If you like it, mail it in and get your money as soon as it arrives. You might think that it is a good idea to keep a spare cell phone around, but you should realize that it is a depreciating asset. Cash in on it now while it is worth the most.
  4. Donate Your Blood
    Well your whole blood usually isn’t worth much, but your plasma is. Plasma is used for a number of medical procedures and “for profit” donation centers are willing to pay you for it. Get up to 50 bucks for a donation. Even better, you can donate twice a week so you can make up to 400 dollars a month.
  5. Drive For A Rideshare Service
    If you have a car in good condition, consider driving for Uber or Lyft. You can do the work any time of day you like and make up to 25 dollars an hour.
  6. Work Some Retail
    Even in the worst of times, retailers like Walmart, Target and Amazon are hiring. These services are also open 24 hours a day or nearly that much. This means that just about anybody can pick up a shift because they will work with any schedule. Work just one shift a week and add 100 dollars a week to your bottom line.
  7. Clean Up Your Closet
    If you have any designer clothing or handbags in your closet, you could be hanging on to a fortune. If it is in good condition, used clothing retailers will pay top dollar for it. WHy let this stuff collect dust when it could help you get out of your money jam.
  8. Walk Some Dogs
    Sign up at Rover to walk some dogs and earn money in your spare time doing something that you probably love. They even do all of the heavy lifting by getting you the customers. All that you need to do is get good reviews to increase your demand.

There you have it, 8 easy ways to make some extra side cash. Maybe it will be enough to prevent you from having to take out a loan. If not, hopefully it will let you make that loan payment or payments much easier.