Need 800 Dollars Fast

If you need $800 and need it fast, we may be able to help you out. Take a minute and fill out the short quote form below and get an answer in minutes. Start by figuring out just how much you need to borrow.

$800 worth of cashin a pile.

Ways To Get That $800

You have more options than you might think if you need 800 dollars or even more. Some of these options involve loans and some will involve just plain old hustling. Let’s take a closer look.

Loans For Bad Credit

Even if you have bad credit, you might be surprised to see that you have many loan options available. Are they all good? No, some of them will have harsh loan terms which means that you really need to weigh the pros and the cons of the loan.

Payday Loans

This is the ultimate bad credit loan. Ultimate in that it is easy to qualify for at least.

With a payday loan, your lender will loan you money in exchange for a set fee. The fee will be based on the amount that you borrow and might be something like 20 dollars per 100 dollars borrowed. If you borrow 500 dollars, you pay back 600 dollars.

The best thing about this loan is that it is easy to qualify for. If you have a checking account and a source of income, you are well on your way to getting a yes. Additionally, these loans find fast and if you find a local store, you may even be able to get your 800 dollars the same day.

The bad is that the loan has a short term and high fees. You will have to pay back the loan in its entirety on your next payday. This short term means that the effective interest is quite high. This short term can also make the loan hard to pay back because it gives you little time to get caught up.

Installment Loans

Even with poor credit, you might be able to qualify for an installment loan although interest will be high.

With an installment loan or personal loan, you can borrow the money that you need and you can pay it back over time. The payments are split up so they become more manageable.

The best thing about this loan choice is that you get longer to pay it back. That can make it a lot easier to fit the repayment of your 800 dollar loan into your budget. Also, because the loan is for a longer period, you can borrow more money if you need more than $800.

The negative is that this is still a bad credit loan and that means high interest and fees. Additionally, because you will be paying on the loan longer, those fees and interest will add up in a hurry.

Vehicle Title Loan

This can be a risky loan, but if you need money desperately, it might be an option.

With a title loan, you place your clear title up as collateral for the loan. Because the loan is secured, it is easier to get approved for.

The good here is that you can get approved, even with bad credit. In addition, you can often get a large loan if your vehcle is worth enough, so you may be able to qualify for more than 800 dollars.

The obvious bad point is that you could lose your vehicle. Miss a payment and the lender could seize your ride.

Hustling For Your 800 Dollars

Who says that a loan is the only way to get the 800 bucks that you need. Hustling can get you the money although you might have to work multiple streams in order to get the full amount. Here are some areas to look.

Plasma Donation

Some people are better than others with needles. If you are on good terms with them, you can make up to 400 bucks this month from donating plasma.

With plasma donation, you can donate up to twice a week and make as much as 50 bucks per donation. It takes about 1-2 hours to donate which makes for a pretty decent hourly rate.

The good with giving your plasma is that you can earn a decent paycheck while doing something nice for others.

On the bad side, it will take a month to get just half of the 800 dollars that you need.

Sell Old Gift Cards

We all have received gift cards that we never intend to use it could be a store that we do not like or possibly a service that we never intend to use.

Nowadays ,there are companies that buy and sell these used gift cards. Sell the card to them for cash and they sell it to a person who is really interested.

The good thing about selling old gift cards is that you can get rid of something that has no value to you. The store itself would be very unlikely to give you cash for them, so this is really the only way to cash in.

The downside is that the process is a little time consuming. You have to get a price, mail it in for it to be verified and then finally get your money. If you need that $800 faster, it could be tricky.

Rid Yourself Of Junk

You probably have a lot of junk in your home that you simply do not need and should probably get rid of. Well, what is junk to one person is treasure to another.

Take all of that junk and place it for sale on eBay Craigslist or even Facebook marketplace. If you have enough to sell, even consider a garage sale.

The good thing here is that you can not only get your money, you can also de-clutter your home.

The bad is that it takes time to sell your stuff and you have to deal with spammers. Just be careful and only accept cash and only meet in public places.

Do Without The Money

Last but not least, consider doing without the money. Sometimes things seem like an emergency when they really are not. Take a minute and think about what would happen if you did not get the $800. Would life go on or would there be a real disaster?

If you do need the money, there still might be a way to avoid having to come up with it. Instead of getting 800 dollars, you can try to cut 800 dollars worth of bills. Call creditors and ask to defer payments. Cancel subscriptions and put memberships on hold. There are lots of ways to trim a budget in an emergency.